Simple Unpack

Let your customers using a HUD or a simple box to unpack your products.

The unpack script is very simple to use. Just drop into your box the script and it will send the folder of all the stuff of your box.

If you want to play an animation when the avatar wear your pack, include the script Kynno - Unpack otherwise, please use the Kynno - Unpack (No animations).

You can create a HUD with this script. You need to understand that you will set the different options with the name of the prims in your HUD.


If you want to send an object (Landmark, notecard or whatever) you will need to link a prim to your HUD that will be named "sendobject" and in description, the name of your object. If the customer click on this prim, it will send them the object.

There are additional options:

  • Prim name: unpack

    • This will enable the HUD function, it won't send the folder on attach or rez but only by clicking on this prim named unpack

  • Prim name: group

    • Put the UUID of your group (and not the full link) in the description of this prim and it will display the direct link to join the group

  • Prim name: url

    • Put your link to open in the description of this prim (Such as facebook, flickr etc..)

  • Prim name: detach

    • This button will detach the HUD from the screen of the user

  • Prim name: sendobject

    • Will send the object that has the name set in the description

  • Prim name: namefolder

    • In description, put your custom folder name

Two examples are included in the box

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