Getting Started

Welcome to EasyBloggers, a Blogger Management System designed to simplify the management of blogger teams by Second Life store owners. It offers numerous features to increase your productivity.

The system is focused in creating a unity between designer and blogger, a system that offers open communication and balanced advantages for both user groups.

To assist your journey, we have compiled an array of resources that provide a deeper dive into the offerings of EasyBloggers. The key features of the system are:

  1. Post Management: Store owners can easily review, accept, or deny posts made by their bloggers.

  2. Product Creation: Store owners can create products in the interface. These products are linked to an in-world object for automatic delivery to bloggers, saving the owner the manual effort of sending items.

  3. Deadline Management: Each product can have a deadline, giving bloggers a specific timeframe to create a related post. If they miss the deadline, they won't be able to request another item from the store.

  4. Application Form: A custom form linked to the store can be shared on social media when the owner is looking to expand the blogger team. Once a blogger has filled out the form, their application appears on the store owner's dashboard for approval or denial. No more Google Form.

  5. User Roles: Store owners can add managers and friends to their store. Managers have almost full access, while friends can only request products, with no post requirement.

  6. Store Audit Log: This feature tracks and displays key actions in the store, providing a log of activities such as new blogger additions, new applications, item requests, and so on.

To get started, you can navigate through the different elements in the menu on the left of this page.

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