Advanced Online Board

Display the online status of anyone.

This is a resizeable and modifiable mesh online status indicator board. It includes some cool features:

  • You can assign any user to it. Click on it, Settings -> Set User and then, you can enter UUID or their Second Life name. (Yes, their Second Life name, NOT their Display name.)

  • You can allow users to register to the board for being notify when the user assigned to the board come online. (A limit of 100 different users at once is set.)

  • Users can request a notecard from the board. (You need to set Allow Notecard in the board's settings and drop a notecard in the board. The script will send the first notecard in the board.)

  • You are able to use your own object. However, the "Online" and "Offline texture won't appear and the Online Texture feature is disabled as well. (You can still display your status using the FloatingT option in the settings.)

  • You can enable the Auto Pic option to let the script use the user's profile picture. If you want to set a custom picture, please deactivate the option in the Settings.

You are able to transfer your settings between boards.

Simply copy and paste the description between boards. If your board contains only 1 prim, use the description of the root prim. If you board contains more than 1 prim, please use the description of the link prim 2.

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