Remote Posing

Animates any avatar.

The DEMO version of this product contains a default set of animations. The object is also no modify so you are not able to put your own animations.

Simple Remote HUD that animates your avatar or another avatar. Just click on the black part of the HUD and choose an option:

  • Target: Choose someone to animate. (You are the default target) Poses: Choose a pose Search: Search a term that a pose contains.

  • Use the Play and Pause button on the HUD texture to play or pause the current animation.

  • Use the Previous and Next button to quickly play your animation and navigate into them.

To organize your animation, don't hesitate to copy/paste the HUD and rename it, like this:

  • Remote Posing HUD - Sits

  • Remote Posing HUD - Ground Sits

  • Remote Posing HUD - Poses

To add your animations:

  • Rez the HUD on the ground.

  • Add your animation into it.

You can now find all of your animations in the Poses option. Poses are sorted alphabetically.

The object is modify but the script is not, that's why you need to rez it to see the object modifiable.

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