PBR Materials Support

EasyTextures is now compatible with PBR. See the examples included to get started.

To learn what is PBR on Second Life, please visit https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/PBR_Materials

Basic changes, where you only change the materials of face 6 of the prim Step Stool.

Step Stool;pbr_basecolor;6;fbc6551e-05ea-2aad-f643-b82612455b39
Step Stool;pbr_normal;6;cebf98c1-ce8a-a024-baff-86f1e748f2c6
Step Stool;pbr_metallic;6;b63cd68e-3ef2-0a0a-db52-c21d46bf27df

Step Stool;pbr_basecolor;6;2f25ad79-7cde-a0e6-6429-662884ddb3d2
Step Stool;pbr_normal;6;296ebc06-7bc7-7309-63e3-74eae09686f5
Step Stool;pbr_metallic;6;95f969e0-dfca-a2ee-74a1-15b8efd7e661

If you want to change the metallic_factor or the roughness_factor, you could use

// Default values: [ PRIM_GLTF_METALLIC_ROUGHNESS, integer face, string texture, vector repeats, vector offsets, float rotation_in_radians, float metallic_factor, float roughness_factor ]

// Instruction to add to your .config HUD

// Change only the metallic_factor
Step Stool;pbr_metallic;6;95f969e0-dfca-a2ee-74a1-15b8efd7e661,NULL,NULL,NULL,0.1

// Change only the roughness_factor
Step Stool;pbr_metallic;6;95f969e0-dfca-a2ee-74a1-15b8efd7e661,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,0.5

// Or change both, by combining the values
Step Stool;pbr_metallic;6;95f969e0-dfca-a2ee-74a1-15b8efd7e661,NULL,NULL,NULL,0.1,0.5

// 0.1 is the metallic_factor, 0.5 is the roughness_factor

The emissive of a material can be changed as well, to do so:

Step Stool;pbr_emissive;6;95f969e0-dfca-a2ee-74a1-15b8efd7e661,NULL,NULL,NULL,0.8

// The emissive value will be set to 0.8

Setting NULL as a value is telling the script to use the default value

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