Subscribers are the people interested to your newsletters.

There are three ways to get subscribers for your brand:

  • Using an import system from your old system. Export your current list of subscribers into a .csv file and import it directly in EasySubscribers.

  • Manually add an avatar.

  • Avatars can click on the kiosk at your mainstore or public location to subscribe.

It's important to note that you can only include subscribers who have willingly OPTED IN to receive messages from you.

For instance, individuals who have purchased items or those on a visitor list without explicit opt-in DO NOT MEET the criteria.

Spamming is against the ToS of Second Life, and your access to EasySubscribers could be terminated if there is any abuse.

Add a subscriber

From your interface, you can click on the button Add a subscriber and a modal will appear. From there, depending on what you want to do, you can either manually enter an avatar name or import a .csv file.

If you manually enter a name, the avatar will be checked, and corrected if necessary. (Incorrect letter cases, for example)

If you decide to import a file, your .csv file MUST follow the following format:

  • The format of the line must be: name,uuid

  • name and uuid must be separate by a the character ,

  • One avatar per line

  • No header

If you have an issue with the import of your file, or if you are not sure, please contact me, Luke Rowley and I will be happy to assist you.

If you try to import a file containing more subscribers than your current subscription allows, the system will only import the number of subscribers you are allowing to have.

Unsubscribe someone as the owner

Click the red cross next to the subscriber name, and confirm.

Unsubscribe from a brand

Sometimes you are just not interested anymore in a brand you previously subscribed to, and that's fine. To make it easy for everyone, EasySubscribers have two ways to unsubscribe from a brand:

  • You can visit their mainstore or public location, and click on the EasySubscribers Kiosk.

  • Unique, and exclusive to EasySubscribers: Included in each newsletter, you have a public link that you can click to unsubscribe, you won't have to manually unsubscribe someone who does not want to be part of your subscribers list anymore.

If you click on the link to unsubscribe from the message of a newsletter, you will see this completely optional form to give a reason to the brand of why you decided to unsubscribed.


Each brand in their package receives a kiosk they can rez where they want. It also includes the full perm texture if you want to personalize it.

To enable the kiosk, you have to click on it, and select the store you want it to be assigned to.

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