The newsletters are what contain the big news you want to share with your subscribers. Start to create and edit your first one, then publish it using one of your dropbox.

Create a newsletter

Each newsletter must contain a title and a message. The message is limited to 700 characters, and the title is just here for you, to see it on your listing.

While it's not necessary to create it, you can assign a Dropbox (minimum v1.3) to dispatch this newsletter. When selecting a dropbox, a second dropdown will appear, displaying the content of this dropbox.

It's optional, but you can include a notecard along with your message.

You can include {name} in your message, and it will use the firstname of the avatar.

The dropboxes are the same as the one you are using for EasyBloggers. Easy!

Publish a newsletter

On the listing of your newsletters, you can publish paused and draft newsletters as long as they have a dropbox assigned.

Each newsletter contains a personalized link to easily unsubscribe for the subscriber. Clicking on this link, they can fill a reason of why they unsubscribe, which is displayed on their name in your subscribers list.

Pause a newsletter

Mistakes happen, and you might want to edit your newsletter you just published. Each in progress newsletter can be paused during their publishing, and then edited.

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