Now that we know the content, we are able to put the right content into the right place. We will begin with the Object. From your inventory, put the .config script in your object. Once it's done, double-click on it to open the script.

On the left (Surrounded by blue lines), these are the lines of the script. I will use those number during the tutorial so you have a good idea of where you need to write your stuff.

Line 10, it will be the name used by the scripts to talk to each other. That way, your specific textures to this object won't be applied on another one of your object using EasyTextures.

Line 12, you need to replace my UUID with your avatar UUID, it's a security feature. Be sure to have the quote remaining.

Line 16 to 25 are blank. It's normal, this is where you will enter your configuration. In the .config, you have only one option available at this time and it's touchtoapply. This option will allow your customers to click on the object before it can be retextured. If you need it, write touchtoapply within these lines, otherwise, we're done with the .config script. Save the script by clicking the button on the bottom right.

Now, put the Kynno - EasyTextures v3.0 script in your object. You might see this message

⚠️ EasyTextures: The script should be no-transfer for the next owner. Please fix the permission or you won't be able to use it.

In this case, right click on the script and untick "Transfer" permission.

You should now see this message

[10:17:41] Astre - Damaged Cube White: Initializing EasyTextures...
[10:17:41] Astre - Damaged Cube White: ⚠️ EasyTextures: Name detected: myObject
[10:17:41] Astre - Damaged Cube White: Free memory: 34652

Great! We can now create our HUD.

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