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Products limitation

This setting is here to protect the creators. EasyBloggers is aware that malicious bloggers can be a thing, and the Products limitations setting can help with that.

It restricts the quantity of products a blogger can acquire at one time. For instance, if you have a limit of 3, the blogger will be able to request 3 products at once. If they want to take a 4th product, they will have to have an accepted post for one of the 3 products they took first.

It's important to note that posts categorized as In Progress or Waiting For Review are not considered completed.

Friends are not affected by this setting, they have no limitation on how many products they can request at once.

Timeout priority

Priority is a way to make sure that bloggers always blog about certain products first. It restricts their ability to request a delivery for Normal priority product, if there are higher priority products that they didn't have an accepted post for.

When setting priority on your products, usually, it's only temporary. Creators often first release their products at events for a fixed amount of time (1 month), then the creations are available at the main store.

To prevent creators to always going back to each product, and changing the priority manually, EasyBloggers include a Timeout priority setting, which will set back the priority of each “timed out” product back to Normal. The choices are between Never, and 1 year.

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