Store – Managers, Friends & Form Application

Customize the configuration of your store, name, picture, Form Application… Everything you need is here!

General – Reserved for Creators only

In this menu, you can modify the following elements:

  • Store Name: Feel free to rename your Store. Bear in mind, each time you change the Store Name, a unique slug/ID is created, which reflects in your public URLs. So, if your Store is renamed into the “Awesome Store,” your Form Application URL updates to:

  • Managers: The managers of your store have all the rights on your store, except in this Store > General section, as well as they are not allowed to see your Dropboxes.

If you're inviting a Manager who doesn't have an EasyBloggers account, one will be automatically created for them. They'll receive a Manager Package with a Passwordless Login HUD for direct account access.

Friends – Reserved for Creators & Managers only

Friends are bloggers that are allowed to request the item from your store, but they bypass the deadlines and the priority settings. It's like they are the VIP of your bloggers, and they can still create posts.

Form Application – Reserved for Creators & Managers only


This tool is specially made for Bloggers to apply to your Store. It's a superior alternative to Google Forms and allows you to construct a custom application form for your Store.

Start by writing an in-depth description, and what you expect from potential bloggers. Feel free to infuse personality into your form with emojis and unique characters. 🌟

Custom Fields

If your Store has specific needs, add Custom Fields to your form.

Click on the Add a field button to begin.

By clicking, you'll initiate the creation of your first custom field, defaulted to Input.

  • Field name: This will be the title of the input on the form.

  • Field description: This is the placeholder text, providing hints for the response, in other terms, it is the small gray text in the input, so you can give hints on what to answer.

  • Required: Is this a required field? If set to yes, Bloggers must provide an answer to submit the form.

  • Finally, the Delete button. It will simply delete the field from your form.

Though not obligatory, we highly recommend filling the description and Custom Fields to resonate with your brand identity and enhance your profile.


When a Blogger completes the Form Application, you'll receive an in-world notification, and the application can be viewed in the Bloggers App menu on the sidebar.

Click on the three dots next to an Application to interact with it. A dialog window will open, allowing you to review the Custom Fields and either Accept or Deny the Blogger's application.

If you accept a Blogger without an EasyBloggers account, one will be automatically created, and they'll receive a Blogger Package with a brief overview of EasyBloggers and a Passwordless HUD for account access.

Reorder fields

You can rearrange your form fields to your liking. Drag the inputs to reorder and confirm your changes with the button at the bottom of the form.

Blogger Search Access

In the Creator package, you will find the object EasyBloggers - Blogger Search Access this is an object you can rez at your store for potential bloggers to click on, and they will be redirected directly to your URL store application.

If one of your Bloggers click on it, or if your application is closed, the object will send a error message to the avatar who clicked and won't redirect them to the Form Application.

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