Manage your products, set deadlines and request deliveries.

Requesting an item

Using the three dots on the row of the Product, you are able to request a delivery for a product.
Bloggers Keep in mind, any product request from any store automatically triggers the creation of a Post. Be careful if there is a deadline associated to the product!
When there is no deadline, you can request a delivery of that item without having to complete the post before a specific date
When there is a deadline, you can request a delivery of that item and it will have a deadline associated to it, you have until a certain date to blog it
Please note that if you are missing a deadline of any of the product, you won't be able to request a new item from the Store until the situation is resolved.


If you are a friend of the store, you will see a little heart icon, to say that you are not affected by any potential deadlines.

Create or edit a product – Reserved to Creators and Managers

Initiating the creation of a product is straightforward – just click on the New product button. You'll then be prompted to provide information for your product via a dialog box.
  • The Object to deliver field directly searches within the contents of your Dropboxes, eliminating the need for manual selection!
  • Texture UUID: This displays the image on your Products page and on the Bloggers' interface.
  • Product name: This will be the name displayed on the interface. Note, it can differ from the Object to deliver.
  • Deadline in days: If a deadline is set, the Blogger has until the end of the specified period to blog the item.
Items are uniquely identified by the Object to deliver.
Creators and Managers have access to a submenu by clicking on the three dots next to the product:
  • Edit the product: Here you can modify the product and update the field values.
  • Delivery: Clicking this button allows you to test the delivery of this object to ensure it's functioning correctly.
  • Delete: This simply removes the product from your Store.