Manage your products, set deadlines and request deliveries.

Requesting an item — Bloggers & Friends

Clicking on the card of a product, you will be able to request an item.

Bloggers Keep in mind, any product request from any store automatically triggers the creation of a Post. Be careful if there is a deadline associated to the product!

Please note that if you are missing a deadline of any of the product, you won't be able to request a new item from the store until the situation is resolved.

Create or edit a product – Reserved to Creators and Managers

Initiating the creation of a product is simple – just click on the New product button. You'll then be prompted to provide information about your product via a dialog box.

  • Texture UUID: This displays the image on your Products page and on the Bloggers' interface.

  • The Object to deliver field directly searches within the contents of your Dropboxes, eliminating the need for manual selection!

  • Product name: This will be the name displayed on the interface. Note, it can differ from the Object to deliver.

  • Demo to deliver: Bloggers will be able to request the demo of your product, so they can ensure they want to blog about this item. Demos are not counting into your products' limitation for your subscription.

  • Locations: You can specify the locations of a product. The locations will be displayed on the bloggers' end, with the name and the URL. See more on this page.

  • Event: If your store is part of an event, you will be able to choose what event to assign your product to.

  • Priority: Priority is a way to make sure that bloggers always blog about certain products first. It restricts their ability to request a delivery for Normal priority product, if there are higher priority products that they didn't have an accepted post for. Priorities are useful for your events' products. Set the products from events at High, so you can ensure the bloggers will always blog first the most important products!

  • Options: When bloggers request delivery, no automatic post will be generated. In other words, it's a gift for your team.


Premium plans have access to the deadline functionality. From there, there are two choices. The Deadline once, which will apply a deadline, with the given days, when the blogger will request the product.

The second choice is Auto-deadline. On delivery, and every time a post is accepted, a new post will be automatically created with the given number of days.

Items are uniquely identified by the Object to deliver.

Remove an item from your event

  • Click on the product you want to remove from your event

  • Click "Remove the product"

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