Posts are a collection of Links, linked to a particular product. If needed, a blogger can request an extension of deadline.
Posts are primarily created by Bloggers, and it often includes multiple links at once, typically redirecting to platforms like Flickr or Facebook.
Initially, posts are set to an In Progress status and will remain so until the Blogger completes the post. This keeps the process transparent and allows for seamless progress tracking.
If a Product has an associated deadline and a Blogger fails to complete the corresponding Post before this deadline, the post's status will change to Missed Deadline.
Following this, the Blogger will not be able to request an item from the same Store again. This mechanism is in place to maintain a high level of commitment and responsibility within the EasyBloggers community, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaboration between all parties.

Request an extension of deadline

We understand that life can throw curveballs, and it can be particularly frustrating to miss a deadline due to unforeseen real-life events. In light of this, Bloggers have the ability to request a deadline extension directly from the Post.
The Store will then have the discretion to either approve or decline this request, ensuring flexibility while preserving the system's integrity.

Review the post – Reserved to Creators & Managers

When a Post has been completed by a Blogger, an in-world notification will alert you. This allows you to review the URLs, provide feedback, and add comments as needed, maintaining an open channel of communication and promote a constructive working environment within EasyBloggers.

Remove deadline – Reserved to Creators & Managers

Creators and managers are able to remove the deadline for a particular Post. Click on the three dots menu, and select the Remove the deadline button.
A modal to confirm your choice will be displayed