Manage your team of Bloggers and Friends, and send invitations to anyone to join your store, and review a blogger's progress with your products.

EasyBloggers equips you with the tools to manage your team of Bloggers and Friends and send invitations to new members. It streamlines the process, eliminating the need for Bloggers to fill out forms and allowing you to personally invite specific talents based on their work.

On the Members page, while hovering the progress bar of a particular blogger, you are able to see the progress the blogger made with your products.

Review the application of a blogger

When clicking on a member card, you can review the last application a blogger filled to join your store.

Invite a blogger

If the user does not exist on the system, it will automatically create them an account and send the Blogger Package directly, so they can connect and accept your invitation. Make sure the user receiving this invitation is expecting the package.

This feature is automatically available to all paid Subscriptions (Free + Paid Add-ons, Starter, Pro, and Ultra). However, if you are on a Free plan, and you want to invite someone, please contact Luke Rowley and I will enable the feature for your store.

Cancel an invitation

To cancel an invitation to a blogger, click on the member card, then click Cancel, and confirm the cancellation by clicking “Cancel the invitation”

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