The Mailbox is an in-store internal communication system, designed for the Creator or Manager to relay updates about the Store to Bloggers.

Create, edit a mail – Reserved for Creators & Managers only

To begin, simply click on Send a new mail and start by crafting a compelling title for your message. EasyBloggers uses Markdown syntax to add depth and a degree of customization to your messages.

If you prefer simplicity, you can stick to plain text with new lines, but if you're feeling creative, let's explore the advanced editor:

On the left side of the editor, you'll find your raw text. This is where the body of your mail and raw Markdown syntax live.

On the right, you'll see a rendered version of your text and Markdown syntax. From a Blogger's perspective, this is how it'll appear:

Important Mail

Mails marked as important will always be show at the top of the list. It will be highlighted with a yellow star and background.

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