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Learn more on the pricing of EasyBloggers, and choose the right plan for your business.

EasyBloggers is a Bloggers Management System subscription based, which means you will have to keep an active subscription to keep using the system as its full potential.

The system comes with a total of 4 plans, for every type of stores:

  • Free -> This is the free plan, this plan is designed to be used by very small store that are getting started, or simply for anyone who wants to try the system.

  • Starter -> The first paid plan, for small store as well. Your store start to grow? This is the plan for you.

  • Pro -> Are you a professional creator in Second Life, or you want to use all the features EasyBloggers has to offer?

  • Ultra -> This plan is dedicated for the very, very big store in Second Life.

The system offers a paid add-on, to add Members to your store. This way, you could use the Free plan of EasyBloggers, and get the 10 members add-on.

For 100L$/week, you will get 13 members in your store to use. ✨

You can learn more about the full pricing at

Subscribe to a paid plan

Click on the Store Management Terminal, and you will be prompted to choose a store to interact with. Once you've selected the store, just follow the instructions and at the end, you will be able to pay the price for the selected plan.

At the moment, you are not able to change from a plan to another. For example, if you are currently under the Starter plan and you want to go on the Pro, you will have to wait until your Starter plan expires to buy the Pro Plan. If you really don't want to wait, please contact Luke Rowley directly.

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