Replace your bloggers' room with EasyBloggers for Events, the best way to manage your team of designers, managers, and bloggers.

Using EasyBloggers for Events allows you to upgrade your event, and save a lot of time during the management of it.

EasyBloggers for Events features

  • Bloggers Application Form: Make your own form for bloggers to fill, and forget about Google Form. You can add up to 20 custom questions and accept or reject applications right from your app.

  • Designers Application Form: Same functionality as the Bloggers Application Form, but this time it's for designers. Designers need to connect to their EasyBloggers account to use the form, which makes sure no one can pretend to be them.

How does it work for designers?

To use EasyBloggers for Events, designers need to have a store on EasyBloggers. They can make one at the main store of EasyBloggers. They have to open the Creator Package they received, and inside there will be two important items:

  • EasyBloggers - Dropbox: This will contain their object available to deliver. By default, it contains only the notecards needed for the optional notifications.

  • EasyBloggers - HUD Passwordless login: This is the HUD that everyone can use to log in into their account directly. Password can be set later on in the settings of their profile.

Once they have their store setup, they can apply via your Designers Application Form. Once they have applied, and you have accepted them, then the following will happen:

They will receive a notification that they have been accepted, and they are now ready to do their first listing! By clicking on the left menu element, Products, they will be shown their products lists.

Click Create a product, and a new window will appear. In this window, they will add the Object to deliver, a texture UUID for the image, and the last thing they will need to do is to select your event under the Event dropdown.

No object appears under Object to deliver? Make sure to add an object in the Dropbox, and come back on this page.

Click Create your product and that's it, the product is available for the bloggers of your event.


  • The event subscription is per event, and contains unlimited designers and bloggers. See more details on the pricing at

  • The event owner and managers are the only one being able to manage a post made from the bloggers' team of the event.

  • The prioritization, the deadlines, and the optional blogging are ignored for the bloggers from the event, when the product is linked to an event.

  • The stores with free subscription will be able to access and apply to your event; however, they will have the limited features as any store with a free subscription.

  • The event has access to two more notifications: Designer Application Accepted and Designer Application Rejected, they are accessible from the Settings > Event > Notifications.

I'm an event, and I'm interested!

Happy to hear that! Currently, EasyBloggers for Events can't be purchased by yourself. Please contact Luke Rowley in-world, and I will be happy to assist you during the setup of your event.

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