Dropbox Storage Facility

Move your dropboxes from your personal store or skybox to their new place, the EasyBloggers Dropbox Storage Facility, which is included in every EasyBloggers' plan.

One of the perks of using EasyBloggers, is to have access to the Dropbox Storage Facility.

The EasyBloggers Dropbox Storage Facility is a place where every designer can come and rez their dropbox to store their products to use on EasyBloggers. It’s free, and included on your plan.

Note that, if you need more space, you can always rent additional tables on the left of the facility. The number of dropboxes you are allowed to rez depends on the plan you are using for your store. See more at https://www.kynno.app/easybloggers/pricing.

To require access, contact Luke Rowley in-world and I will send the group right away.

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